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Recent Picks

  • You & Me

    You & Me

    Skye Holland

    You & Me captures that essential youthful energy present in every great pop anthem

  • Breathe Again

    Breathe Again


    A-Lo strikes the balance between excitement and emotion with this modern pop-rock jam with hit potential

  • Open Up To Me

    Open Up To Me

    New County

    If a smile could have a soundtrack, this song is it. Whatever mood you’re in when you hit play will immediately be uplifted.

  • Tres Las

    Tres Las


    Power trio disco rock is the genre you never knew you couldn’t live without. This dancy, funky, rocky, bouncy tune rockets you around the block.

  • Slowing Down

    Slowing Down

    Faith Shaw

    Subtle, gentle and haunting, Slowing Down whispers sweet, jazzy and nostalgic nothings in your ear.

  • Make It All Right

    Make It All Right

    Sara Lindsay

    This song polarizes you for the better. If you’re down, you’ll be up. If you’re sad, you’ll get happy. If you’re anxious it calms you. Whatever ails you, Make It All Right really delivers on what it says it’ll do.

  • Hold Me Back

    Hold Me Back


    Is it possible to mix 70’s funk/disco with modern industrial rock and pop vocals and synths? The answer is yes. The answer is Hold me Back…and don’t sleep on the mega breakdown halfway through.

  • Get Out

    Get Out

    Emily Rath

    This light and adorable female-pop jam has an undeniable hooky chorus that’s truly soul-warming.

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