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About Atrium

"Atrium brings together musicians from all around the world and combines their talents to offer a wide musical range consisting of all current styles. With the help of our vast musical offerings, our clients can apply the emotion needed to their projects and add to the soul that helps tell their stories.”

Becoming An Atrium Artist

We're always looking for talented new artists and composers to join our ever-growing family. If you’d like to offer your best to help create the world of storytelling with us, submit your music to us for review.


Licensing Music From Atrium

We know that great music is what fuel a scene and we can help you find the perfect track for your latest project.

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About Our Clients

We work with clients who understand the value of great music. Browse through our tracks and create your first playlist today.

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How Atrium Got Started

Atrium was created out of the need for something new. It needed to be simple, upfront, easy to use, and contain the highest quality musical elements possible.  The Atrium team knew this was the right vision in order to create a cutting edge music library for media, television, and filmmakers, while continuing to support commercial and independent songwriters, artists, and composers in a fair and transparent way.


Jay Denton
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