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The music library of Atrium Music Group is open to submissions from new composers. Are you a composer interested in composing music for a music library? Would you like to hear your music on film and television? Care to hear one of your original compositions in a Coke commercial, or in a plug by Pepsi? Of course, why wouldn't you? And placement on TV means royalties by your performing rights organization of choice, whether that be BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, or another. Getting your music on TV and in film means mechnical licenses, commercial licenses, and more.

Our music library is non-exclusive, meaning you're welcome to submit compositions here that may already be registered with another library. We'd prefer exclusive submissions so as not to give your hard-earned creations to our competition, but we also understand the composer's point of view and are understanding in that we know you want to get your music out there to every potential music library.

To submit music to Atrium Music Group, please send a CD to

Atrium Music Group
995 East Green Street # 509
Pasadena, CA 91106

Please ensure that your CD is properly labeled, or include an enclosed write-up with titles, descriptions, proposed genres for each track and so on. Be sure to also include your contact information, so that we may be in touch either by phone or e-mail in regards to the status of your composition submissions.

We will then listen to your work and determine whether or not is of the quality and caliber for our music library. Do bear in mind that due to the large quantity of submissions received, we may not be able to get back to everyone individually, or quickly. It may take up to 8 weeks for us to review your work, and consquently catalogue it to our music library collection.

Possible reasons for non-acceptance are listed below, so ensure that you work meets the standard criteria before submitting your work to the music library that is Atrium Music Group:

1. Quality

If your work is not of a high enough quality, be it production value, poor mastering, bad MIDI samples or otherwise, then we may not be able to accept your work. Film and Television music demands a high quality of music production, and we are not able to take the time to re-master or post-produce your work for you.

2. Length

Please submit cues that are at least one to two minutes in length, for our review. If accepted we may later allow shorter tracks for stings / stingers and such, but to get a taste of your abilities we really need to hear more.

3. Bad use of Sound Effects or Vocals

For our purposes, it's important that your work be sfx free. No crowds cheering, no vocals like "yeah!" or "whoo!" unless sporadically and tastefully used, and so on. And while we encourage high quality vocal choir samples, poor choir samples will be ground for dismissal.

4. Repetition

If your submitted cue is basically the same loop over and over with no change or variety, then that comes across as a sign of laziness and poor composition skills, and will cause you not to be submitted.

With that in mind, go ahead and prepare your best works and send them to us on a CD, and we'll give it a listen! We'll then be in touch afterwards to determine whether or not to allow you into our group as a composer for our music library.

Send your work to Atrium music library to be considered for film and tv music submission

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