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Hello and thank you for your interest in submitting to Atrium Music. All submissions, whether physical or digital, must meet these prerequisites and follow these guidelines:

  • Submit no fewer than ten (10) individual songs.

  • Vocal versions must be accompanied by a non-vocal version. This is still considered one (1) song. (An album of 10 songs + instrumentals still counts as 10 songs)

  • High quality .wav or .aiff versions only. No mp3s, AACs, or similarly compressed files.

  • 44.1k or 48k are both acceptable.

  • Label your tracks appropriately or include a track listing sheet

  • Only final, mastered recordings. Please no demos, rough mixes, or pre-production versions.

  • No song may contain any samples or other copyrightable material not owned by you

  • Include your name and contact info and your Performing Rights Organization (if any)

  • Note. We listen to EVERY. SINGLE. SUBMISSION. Presentation isn’t the most important thing, but you only get one chance at a first impression. Taking the time to make your submission look good and complete implies you take your music and your career seriously.

  • We are a professional company looking for professional artists and composers.

If you are submitting a physical CD:

Burned CDs are welcome as long as they meet the above criteria.
Burned CDs are welcome as long as they meet the above criteria.
Flash drives are accepted.

Mail your submission to:


If would like to submit digitally through,
please click here: REVERBNATION
Whether submitting physically or digitally, you will be contacted to confirm we received your submission. Please be patient as we receive a large volume of submissions and review each and every one.
Thank you again for your submission!

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