Atrium Music | Licensing

License the Atrium library for your commercial, TV show, sitcom, game show, or reality TV program



To license the Atrium library by individual cue or by entire library, please contacts us via email or phone. We would love to hear from you...

phone: (626) 529-3066

Perhaps you are asking yourself one of the following questions:


• How do I license music?
• How much does music cost for a commercial?
• How do you get music licensed?
• I would like to license music for TV show, but I'm not sure how.
• What do I do if I need to license music for movie?
• How do I obtain sync licenses? What's the difference there between mechanical licenses?
• How do you go about getting your music licensed?
• Do I need to license music for my film? Do I need to license music for my commercial? Do I need to license music for my show?
• How do I take care of back-end royalties?
• Do I deal directly with BMI? SESAC? ASCAP? What about the other performing rights organizations?


And so on. There are a lot of moving parts when handling music for movies, music for TV shows, dealing with performing rights and all that. But not to worry, we know the ins and outs, and have been through it all countless times before, handling the lisencing aspects of dealing with royalty streams, how to get your music licenses, song administration and song rights... all aspects of music placement. We make it as easy as possible for you, and will get you comfortable with the process from start to finish. Soon all these aspects of music in post-production and such will be a breeze.