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About Atrium


We at Atrium understand that music is the lifeblood of any Film, Television show or Commercial. Music is the pulse that moves people, drives their emotions and captures a moment. Atrium, with all of our different styles of music will let you apply the emotion needed to tell your stories.

Atrium combines talent from all around the world. Our music ranges in all styles from current pop to South American Latin music to British Rock. We offer the very best to help create the world of story telling.

Atrium Music’s goal is to offer such quality music to various production companies that they retain our music library in their possession and continually turn to it for background music or featured music for their productions.




So, how does it work? Well, that depends on what you need. We are a music resource of many facets.

Perhaps you're a composer looking for a non-exclusive music library to write music for. You're asking yourself "How do you get music published? How do I get a license for music? How do I license music for advertising? How do I write music for TV?" And so on. Well, you came to the right place; we are actually seeking composers for our production music library, and would love to hear you tracks! Click here to learn more, and get started submit music to library.

Or, maybe you're on the end of it, with a different array of questions. "How much does music cost for a film? How do I get music for my movie? I need a score for my film, I need music, where to find music for films?" You get the picture. Well we can help with that too. We're experts at all of it. If you need to get a master use license, we're there. You need to get a sync license? Taken care of. We're knowledgable with neighboring rights, to synchronization, to Shazam and TuneSat, and beyond. We're familiar with Harry Fox and Limelight. We can explain Tunecore. You get the picture.

Contact us with any of your music industry related questions. Music spotting, the plug-ins of Steven Slate, ProTools and Avid, EDL, multi-track royalty question, how we pitch our tracks to Paramout, Warner Bros., the Weinstein Company and Disney... whatever you need to know. We're here to be your #1 resource for music for film, music for TV, and a home for any composer looking to submit their music.