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Atrium Music is a top-notch, user-friendly production music library for producers of film, television, advertising and interactive media specializing full-library blanket deals, needledrops deals and custom track composition. Listen. Love. License.

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We at Atrium understand that music is the lifeblood of any Film, Television show or Commercial. Music is the pulse that moves people, drives their emotions and captures a moment. It has the power to enhance visuals and in some cases create visuals allowing the viewer to escape further into the world that you create. Atrium, with all of our different styles of music will let you apply the emotion needed to tell your stories. READ MORE.


We are a Los Angeles based music library for TV and film, and are currently accepting submissions by composers and songwriters who feel that their work deserves a place on the silver screen. If you're a composer who would like to submit your music to our production music library, click here for more information on how to do so. We look forward to hearing your material!




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We at Atrium strive to be a cornerstone of quality music, top notch service, and a warm and friendly relationship with all the composers in our Atrium Music family. Compare us to Extreme Music, Sailormusic, OBT Music, Spidercues, or TPIR; you won't find the same level of comfort, care, and attention paid to your needs. Do any of these sound like you?


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Well, you're in the right place. Whether you need promotional music, are looking for a publishing administration, have questions about royalty streams, or are a composer looking for a non exclusive music library to call home, you're found us. Now dive in. Welcome to Atrium Music.


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